This is an incomplete list of specific hidden word indicators. Note that almost any container and contents indicator may be used to specify a hidden word, and as such, these have been omitted here; additionally, some word arrangements may permit other verb forms to be used as hidden word indicators (e.g. Paul's "Sheep farmer in ovine shackles (6)" for MERINO).

  • a bit of
  • attributes
  • bottled by
  • buried in
  • central to
  • characters in
  • components
  • concealed by
  • constituents
  • contained in
  • elements of
  • essential to
  • essentially
  • extract
  • fragment
  • from
  • gems
  • held by
  • held in
  • hidden in
  • in
  • in part
  • part
  • part of
  • piece
  • piece of
  • prisoners
  • sample
  • secretly
  • segment
  • shackled by
  • slice
  • some
  • stuffing
  • within

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