This is an incomplete list of substitution and movement indicators, covering anything which suggests swapping or movement of letters in a word. Indicators which are suggestive of upwards motion are valid only in down clues (*).

Substitution and switching of letters Edit

Changing the middle one or two letters Edit

  • having a change of heart

Swapping the middle two letters Edit

  • having a heart transplant

Swapping the first and last letters Edit

  • changing sides

Movement of letters Edit

  • bubbling up*
  • coming up*
  • most prominently
  • rising*
  • to the bottom*
  • to the top*

Spoonerization Edit

  • Spooner's
  • swapping tops
  • starts to change

Swapping specific letters Edit

These indicators suggest the changing of all instances of the letter(s) X for the letter(s) Y.

  • X becoming Y
  • X to Y
  • Y for X
  • Y in place of X
  • making X Y

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